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Machine Room Less Elevators

Capacity Capacity: 04 to 20 Passenger
Speed Speed: 1.00 – 2.5 mt/ps.
Application Application: Residential Buildings, Hospitals, Shopping Centres, Offices, Commercials and Industrial Building

Machine Room-Less are traction elevators where the compact motor drive is mounted above the cabin in the shaft, overcoming conventional requisite for construction of machine room and its cost to confront optimal space utilization. Sigma offers a cost-efficient MRL solution that allows architectural flexibility, aesthetic enhancement with state of art precision equipment.

Features at a glance

  •  Low operating cost and long life span.
  •  Compact control cabinet on the upper level.
  •  Modern integrated system and one-directional safety gear.
  •  Highly effective and simple installation with meticulous engineering techniques.
  • Geared or gearless machines can be affixed in Machine Room Less Elevator