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Goods Freight Elevator Manufacturers

CapacityCapacity: 500 to 15000 kgs.
SpeedSpeed: 0.25 to 1.00 mt/ps.
ApplicationApplication: Manufacturing Units, Trading Units, Import and Export Houses, Warehouses, Under Construction Buildings.

Sigma’s intelligence applied for the transition of bulky and heavy goods rapidly and effortlessly with dominant engineering, reinforced mechanical structure. Modern freight elevators are reliable, firm and durable with great precision level for optimizing production process thereby boosting earning power. Maximum space utilization saves building area reducing construction cost.

Features at a glance

  • Sturdy cabins with the rugged firm interior finish to prevent damage during loading-unloading with auto levelling accuracy for smooth operation.
  • Manually operated door such as collapsible gates, double swing door, multi-panel cabin doors, with wide width up to 4 meters or automatic doors can be affixed .
  • Delicate, fragile and overabundance goods can be managed easily .
  • Goods Cum passenger elevators for human transition with materials .
  • Hydraulic Elevators even up to 25 tonnes are feasible, though electric freight elevators are energy-efficient .
  • Indoor or outdoor models with fireproof, dustproof, birdproof alternatives.

Freight Elevators Specification

CapacityShaft – WShaft – DCar – WCar – DENTRANCESpeed MPSPITOver Head
50019001500110012009000.25 – 1.018005000