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Gearless Lift Machine Manufacturers

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SpeedSpeed: 0.32 to 1.5 mt/ps

ApplicationApplication: Residential, Commercial, Offices, Industrial, High Rises, Hotels,Monuments or renowned buildings.

Sigma Gearless Private Limited, as the name itself, suggest having a strong recommendation for gearless elevators. Urbanization, the growing infrastructure it is our social responsibility to meet sustainable development.

Increasing impetus to meet the deficiency of natural resources, curbing pollution alongside leading intellectual engineering Sigma adopted gearless technology as a dominant elevator system.

Gearless Elevators works on the core principle of energy-saving,regenerative system, efficient and stable operation. Geared machine consists of gearbox and motor, thus in the absence of gearbox oiling orgreasing is not required, which renders into lower maintenance hassles.

Gearless Motors also known as permanent magnet synchronous motored gearless machines have unapproachable superiority to the traction motor and save roughly 33% of energy consumption realtime adjustment to motor current, high torque featuring excellent reliability and durability, with compact design and lightweight elevator solutions.


Features at a glance

  • Green and energy regeneration technology.
  • Noise-free motion and vibration absorption.
  • High-tech safety and security features.
  • Simple and reliable installation process.
  • Minimize Construction Cost and Time.
  • Architectural designing flexibility.
  • Minimal headroom requirement.
  • Low and affordable maintenance.